Under this tag, you’ll find items and references being under development in Cromätica Models.

Heavy Machinery Worker

Hello friends! In this post we are happy to introduce you it is already available in our store our first reference. It is a figure in 1/35 scale depicting a heavy machinery worker handling levers. Specially designed for our Light Harbour…
Cromätica Models Panhard m3 VTT 1:35 ScaleCromätica Models

Panhard M3 VTT in 1:35 Scale

Today I want to share with you a new kit under development. It is a Panhard M3 VTT in 1:35 scale. The model is a commisioned work supported by several modellers willing to have a kit not available in market under their desired conditions. This kit will be done under 3d printing and 25 masters will be done as a first production exclusively for them. Later to this, it is probable to have an extra model to be offered to a known company for them to release it into market for other modellers willing to purchase it.
Cromätica Models 35023 :: Panzerfaust cratesCromätica Models

Panzerfaust crates

Hello friends. In Cromätica Models, we keep on making new references. Sometimes they're big, sometime they're small, some others are for third parties as you well know. Today, we want to share with you a new kit we are working on.…

Milk containers set

Hello friends! In this post, we would like to show you a set of four milk churns suitable for our reference number 35003 Delivery Trycicle with open cargo tray. Masters has alredy sent to 3D printing and within the next weeks will go…