Heavy Machinery Worker

Hello friends! In this post we are happy to introduce you it is already available in our store our first reference. It is a figure in 1/35 scale depicting a heavy machinery worker handling levers. Specially designed for our Light Harbour…
Cromätica Models Panhard m3 VTT 1:35 ScaleCromätica Models

Panhard M3 VTT in 1:35 Scale

Today I want to share with you a new kit under development. It is a Panhard M3 VTT in 1:35 scale. The model is a commisioned work supported by several modellers willing to have a kit not available in market under their desired conditions. This kit will be done under 3d printing and 25 masters will be done as a first production exclusively for them. Later to this, it is probable to have an extra model to be offered to a known company for them to release it into market for other modellers willing to purchase it.
Hotchkiss M1914Cromätica Models

Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun

Hello again friends Today we bring a new 3d modelling comissioned work for a third party. It is a Hotchkiss M1914. A nice machine gun which was widely used by the French Army during the WWI as well as many other countries all along…
Krupp Mountain Gun for WargamingCromätica Models

Krupp Mountain Gun mod. 1896 for wargaming

Greetings friends In this occasion we want to share with you one of our last commisioned work for a Spanish Wargamming Company. This time, the kit was a Krupp Mountain Gun used by the Spanish Army during the Cuban War by the end of the…

Sd.Kfz. 303b “Goliath”

Hello guys In this post we would like to show you our last commisioned work. It is a 1/35 scale Sdkfz 303b. This is one of the 3 existing versions of the WWII Goliath. The kit has been modelled for a particular collector and is fully…
Created for Steel 72 by Cromätica Models

Mercedes L701 : 1/72

Hello friends Today we bring a nice 1/72 scale kit for Steel 72. This Spanish Wargaming Company widely known in this world for the quality of their references and set of hand-sculpted set of figures. As first a work for them we were commisioned…