¿Qué es Cromätica Models?

Cromatica models es un pequeño estudio de diseño enfocado en el desarrollo y modelado CAD de vehículos a escala destinados a la fabricación industrial en plástico.

Si bien empezamos haciendo referencias para nuestro propio catálogo, durante los últimos años nos hemos centrado en la creación de modelos para terceros.

Nuestros servicios abarcan todas las fases de desarrollo del producto, desde las etapas iniciales de modelado, hasta las etapas finales en la gestión de de fabricación de moldes, además de tareas relacionadas con el diseño conceptual, diseño gráfico y maquetación de guías de ensamblaje, diseño de cajas, hojas de perfiles de color, adaptación de figuras modeladas en Zbrush para inyectado en molde de acero, etcétera.

Entre nuestros clientes se encuentra AK interactive, Rocket Models y Modelcollect para quienes hemos desarrollado en conjunto más de una decena de referencias.

Si estás interesado en saber más de nuestros servicios no dudes en enviarnos un email a o en contactarnos a través del siguiente formulario.

Hello. My name is Jesús Gómez, but I’m also known as “Jeggan”. I’m graphic designer, web developer and 3d modeller. But above all this, since I was a little child I’m a lover of scale modelling.

Back in time, around 2013 Cromätica Models was born as a personal project in company with other two mates willing to make real some “what if” designs we were in love with…

In that year there was a chance to release those designs under the cover of a young and recently born brand which was starting to take off. We decide to accept the challenge with a first model called the Luftkrieger. A distopic WWII German fighter which was a fancy creation. The model became very popular from the begining and soon our mailbox was full of emails asking more and more details about it and its releasing date.

Unfortunately, even when it seem to be an easy item to produce, shortly after the stones arosen in the road, and differences of criteria between artist vision and manufacturer as well as the lack of faith and comminment of the modeller regarding his duties, took me to desist about releasing this model.

Before giving up, and as a last chance to release the model, I launched a KS campaing to achieve funds to cover the costs required to release the model by my own, but the support achieved wasn’t enough and the project was cancelled. A real pity in my opinion as today I still receive emails an messages asking for that model.

However, as history has no place for cowards, far from giving up, I decided to learn from the experince and keep on my way in this project as a second activity within my work as Graphic Designer. So, I started to learn 3D modelling on my own, so that in future I would never depend on anyone else to develop any kit.

Soon, a first reference was completed to became a real 1:35 scale model for one of my scenes. Shortly after, I was commissioned to develop kits for commercial brands already in market.

Boxarts, assembly guides, decals, resin kits, decal sheets, blueprints…. all of them are now usual tasks I do daily for my customers and for myself.

Little by little, a hobby from my childhood is taking more and more working time, becoming actually the main way I live on. Thus, when I look all this time back in perspective I can say that from an initial failure I found a chance to grow both as person an profesionally.

Today Cromätica Models has nothing to do with what is was intended to be at first. But I can say it has become a small workshop where I develop kit for my own and third parties as well as a personal showroom where to show all those works I do yet for me yet for others.

Many modellers contact me asking about my references and where to purchase them. Despite I’m not an ordinary brand able to release kits in large number, I have decide to satisfy this recurrent petition by releasing some on my kits as limited edition series.

By means of this website, you also have the chance to purchase any the my works done so far for your own vignettes and dioramas. You can also contribute to bring to life those ones which due to their size are needed of help to be mass-produced. In the end, the success of a kit is always is up to you.

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