Greetings from Cromätica Models!

In this post we would like to introduce our last kit. It is a delivery tricycle, widely used in Europe and America by small company and local stores during the past century. This is as usual a 1/35 kit fully detailed, comprising more than 15 parts.

The version shown in this picture, depicts the classical layout with a closed cargo box in the front belonging to a German Bakery from the past 40’s. Decals see are only ilustrative. The kit is already undergoing the casting stage and a first batch will be released within the next weeks.

Remember! All our initial batches are reduced to a limited number of copies. If you are interested in this kit, preorder it now to make sure you get yours

This reference includes the following parts:

  • 1 seat
  • 3 wheels
  • 1 main frame
  • 2 rear frames
  • 1 chain
  • 2 pedals
  • 1 brake lever
  • 1 steering lever
  • 1 steering axis
  • 2 mudguard holders
  • 1 box base
  • 1 box cover
  • 4 side pannels
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