New kit ahead!

Hello friends. Today we would like to introduce you a second version of our delivery tricycle. While both of them share the same parts composing the chassis, this kit includes as difference an open cargo tray which makes the kit even more atractive as increase it posibilities inside any vignette or scene.

From milk churns to fish or ammo boxes. Use any what you want to tell a story. This kit will also include two set of figures. The first one will be a civil dispatcher and as second version, a militar rider will be also available.

The kit is already under production. Resin cast tests have been done during summer and a first batch will be released withing the coming weeks. Don’t miss it an preorder your kit now.

Definitely, using this small kit in my work has helped me to create a eyes catching area where focus the action of the scene. This kit is doubtless at all an element to enhace any work wherever you use it. A must have for every modeller

Welcome Remember! All of our batches are limited to a reduced number of copies. If you like this kit preorder it now, to make sure you get yours.

This reference includes the following parts:

  • 1 seat
  • 3 wheels
  • 1 main frame
  • 2 rear frames
  • 1 chain
  • 2 pedals
  • 1 brake lever
  • 1 steering lever
  • 1 steering axis
  • 2 mudguard holders
  • 1 open cargo tray
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