Hello again friends

Today we bring a new 3d modelling comissioned work for a third party. It is a Hotchkiss M1914. A nice machine gun which was widely used by the French Army during the WWI as well as many other countries all along her operative life.  She had a rate of fire of approximately 450 rounds per minute of 8 mm Lebel ammunition, and a maximum effective range of 3,800 m (4,150 yd) with the “Balle D” bullet.

Due to the different versions and modifications done on this machine gun, mainly regarding the tripod,  it has been a tought task to find a source able to provide with the maximum accuracy all the details of this model. However the results are far enough better than expected.

As usual, the kit is divided in several parts, requiring assembling and painting. Despite it has been modelled for 1:35 scale it is expected to be released also for 1:48 and for 75mm.

We hope that you like it.


We usually make models for other companies, as well as boxarts, 3d printing and even can provide casting services. If you need an full service contact us. We will do our best to help you.


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