Cromätica Models 35023 :: Panzerfaust crates

Cromätica Models 35023 :: Panzerfaust crates

Hello friends.

In Cromätica Models, we keep on making new references. Sometimes they’re big, sometime they’re small, some others are for third parties as you well know.

Today, we want to share with you a new kit we are working on. It is set of Panzerfaust ammo crates fully detailed in 1:35 scale.

As usual, the reference is made in resin under 3d printing and it allows to be displayed opened or closed depending on your choice. Doubtless at all, it is a good extra to complete your sceneries or dioramas.

About the Panzerfaust

The panzerfaust “armored fist” was an antitank weapon broadly used by Germans during WWII, and specially by the Volksturm during the final stages of the war. It was easy to use, cheap to mass-produce, and very effective in short range. These qualities together with its light weight and ease to be transported, made of it an ideal weapon chosen by infantry in urban fights against enemy tanks, specially where using a pak wasn’t possible.

It is said that more than the 6% of British tanks lost during the battle for Normandy were cause by panzerfausts. With a piercing strength more powerful than a bazooka or a panzerschreck, even Red Marshall Zukhov recommeded it in a directive, as the best weapon for infantry, to face off and destroy the enemy tanks in combat.

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