Hello friends.

In Cromätica Models, we have just made one step more forward and we have puchased a new 3d SLA DLP printer. With very good resolution and larger printing area than our previous machine, we wante to cover the chance of printing small references under demand.
This new asset will allow create, pack and send references in a day or two, and add extra features or bonus pack saving time and costs as we would no longer need to make large batches of references under the tradicional resin and silicone mold system.

At this far, we have just been making our first test, trying small and tiny pieces. For this particular case, we have selected our Delivery Tricycle, as it has lots of delicate and fragile parts, which are hard to achieve even for long-experienced resin casters.

The results so far a quite good, and first parts are already on our workbench to be cleaned up, sanded and assembled. The supports, are thin enough to preserve all the details modelled and as the resin hardens, the model becomes stronger and sturdy.

The more test we do, happier we are with our new 3d printer.




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