About Cromätica models

Cromätica Models is a personal project of Jesús Gómez.

Legal Info

Tax data —–
Holder Cromätica Models
Address Velazquez 22
Postal code 11407
Town Jerez
Province Cádiz
Country Spain

Payment and shipment

  • We only accept payments done by paypal and wire transfer.
  • Orders are served once the payments are done and funds received in our bank account.
  • Shipments will be done by National Postal Service or Courier Agency, within the 72 hours after we have received the funds.
  • International buyers please note that customs fees, if existing, runs on their side.
  • International order, please contact first for shipping costs.

Returns and refunds

  • All the orders placed in this store are served by Cromätica Models and are carefully checked up before being shipped.
  • Any how, if once received your order you find any problem with it please contact us to info@cromaticamodels.es
  • We only accept returns and refunds in those orders containing wrong kits or references with manufacturing damages and / or missing parts.
  • In any case, before making any return, please contact us first by email.
  • We don’t accept refunds in references with damages due to mishandling by the customer or the postal / courier service.
  • We reserve the right to request pictures of the item in question, in order to evaluate it before deciding to make a refund.
  • As an alternate choice, we also reserves the right to send a replacement of the damaged part or the full kit instead making a refund.
  • In case of a refund, we will discount the amount derivated from bank fees.
  • Please keep in mind that we work in Euros, so the amounts refunded could have variations due to currency fluctuations.
  • In case of returns, fees will run always on buyer’s side.
  • If you suspect, by the time of receiving your order, it could have been damaged during the shipping, don’t hesitate to reject it. In this case, please ask the deliverer to return it to origin, and contact us inmediately.

A few words of gratitude

Cromätica Models wants to express its gratitude to David Arévalo for his friendship and help in every ways.